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The Will of…

“Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, To the saints who are at Ephesus and who are faithful in Christ Jesus:…” (Eph 1:1)

By the will of God. Not by the will of man, or beast, or life but by the will of God. Many times when I think about the will of something I think of it as a demanding request that usually goes something like this, “Will you do such and such?”  Sometimes it’s disguised in a form of a favor, “Would you do me a favor?” or “I need a favor.”  But usually it is all the same type of will…a demanding will. So the fact that Paul is an apostle of Christ by the will of God, does not all together thrill me.

I mean face it, we are so strung out on running around and following the will of so many people that we are sick of the will of anyone and to then add the will of God on top of all the other wills of our life just down right makes us weary.  Needless to say, I was not so very excited when I read the above verse to day.  But then I though, what is really being said here? How does the Greek word for will translate here?  I dug through my pile of books, dusted off the Strong’s concordance and looked up the word “will”

The original Greek for will is thel?ma and denotes “a will that is not a demanding will but a will of expression, a will of pleasure towards that which is liked.”  You know that is me and that is you! We are liked by God. We are the object of His good pleasure and for today I can live knowing that I am a follower of Christ by the will of God. And today I can bask in knowing that I am loved, liked, and directed by Someone who only has my good in mind as He “wills” me around.That I can do.  But tomorrow, I might have a problem with tomorrow.

See as tomorrow unfolds I may start to live a life…actually this is usually the case…that is driven by a demanding will of life. A reactionary life based on this needing done and that needing done and the boss needing this and a co-working needing that. Then I’ll have to work in all those “favors” for friends and commitments made the other day with life was running it’s will and then wham I am tired and cranky again.

So my question for today is this, whose will are you? God’s. Life. Satan’s. Your over commitments. Whose will are you?

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